Australian looking for friends/activity partners!
  • BigSkyBigSky
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    Hey everyone,

    I'm Clinton, just turned 28 and I'm from Australia but used to work in the Philippines. This is my second time in Kaohsiung (first time was just for a week last year and I enjoyed the city) and this time I'll be staying up to a year in Taiwan as I have a youth mobility/working holiday visa.

    I'm into football (soccer), swimming, canoeing/kayaking, experimental travel, and contemporary art, as well as just walking around cities or having a chat over some beers.

    My Chinese isn't great but thanks to my pretty good Japanese I'm not completely illiterate.

    Feel free to drop me a line on Line if you want to hang out in Kaohsiung, my ID is clinton.m and Twitter is @clintonjlmoore

    Thanks :)
  • RossiterRossiter
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    Yo. I'm moving there to Taiwan soon from Hong Kong. Been living in Hong Kong these 7 years. Let's hang out, surf, drink some beers. 
  • alexandra53190alexandra53190
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    I'm new to Kaohsiung too- just got in yesterday. Anyone want to meet up sometime?
  • jonathanchen55jonathanchen55
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    If you are interest in art and should not miss the place called Bo uh exhibition district! Hope you enjoy stay in kaohsiung city! The easy way to know city is get a Kaohsiung Metro cards! Each stop has different surprise for you!

  • ManmathManmath
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    Hey Clinton!
    Am studying here in kaohsiung if you are interested in travelling around in week ends we may plan for same I will drop message on your line id!!
  • doohan21doohan21
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    hey mate, i'm another Aussie living here in KHH...

    normally go for drinks a few times a week, and like to play golf on the weeekends... let me know if you want to meet up sometime