Revived Book Club?
  • alexandra53190alexandra53190
    Posts: 13Member
    I'm looking to move to Kaohsiung in August, and I'm wondering if anyone would like to start/join a book club with me? I've been looking around for some Kaohsiung groups to join and I'm having a little trouble finding anything that's still active. Any help there would be hugely appreciated. The prospect of meeting new people is a little overwhelming :) 
  • JaiyoismJaiyoism
    Posts: 434Administrator
    Hi @alexandra53190,
    A revived book club would be great, count me in!
    What sort of genres are you interested in? I'm sure there's others that would also be interested too.
    Once you arrive here and get comfortable than meeting other people is easy, that's part of the experience!

    Connecting expats!
  • alexandra53190alexandra53190
    Posts: 13Member
    Hmmmm, I'd be up for anything really. I've been getting into Terry Pratchett lately. He's hilarious, but I'm sure that I'm missing 80% of his references haha. Otherwise, nonfiction is always interesting. 

  • Jason123Jason123
    Posts: 2Member
    Hi I from kaohsiung
    We can exchange language
  • Nick154Nick154
    Posts: 9Member
    Join a book club ,sound interesting, count me in!
    my mail:
  • ijinxijinx
    Posts: 3Member
    aw cool, reading club sounds lovely. count me in if you're planning something please! LINE bownarrow
  • PaulaPaula
    Posts: 1Member
    sounds good, would love to join~~

  • VickyVicky
    Posts: 5Member
    Hi i would love to join a book club and have also been looking, I'm a bit of a fantasy lover, Brandon Mull, Angie Sage, but open to suggestions. Count me in for sure!

  • khpkhp
    Posts: 2Member
    Sounds good, I'd be up for that :)
  • FangXianShengFangXianSheng
    Posts: 26Member
    I'm not sure if this finally got up and going again, but if people are still interested I can offer a space to host the book club.

    SiWei 4th Road
    No. 176 3F-1

    I'm interested in nearly every genre although I tend to lean toward Fantasy/Sci-Fi.  I even shipped my book collection over from the States a few years ago and I'm positive there are a lot of books in there I haven't gotten around to reading.

    If people are interested shoot me an e-mail at and we can solidify a start date/time.  
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  • JaiyoismJaiyoism
    Posts: 434Administrator
    Thanks @FangXianSheng
    Very kind of you to offer the space.

    Connecting expats!
  • WaychenWaychen
    Posts: 1Member
    Count me in if this thing works out!
    I read Good Omens couple of years ago, Terry Pratchett is a lot of fun.
    Recently I've been reading Goldfinch, but all genres are fine.
    e-mail: :)
  • RossiterRossiter
    Posts: 16Member
    I will arrive soon too. Would also be interested in a book club 
  • alexandra53190alexandra53190
    Posts: 13Member
    I just got into Kaohsiung. Did this ever happen? If not, do people want it to?

    If anyone wants to get in touch with me, feel free to email me at 
  • FangXianShengFangXianSheng
    Posts: 26Member
    I just posted a new thread to try and get this started again.
  • alexandra53190alexandra53190
    Posts: 13Member
    Thanks :)
  • mel_a16mel_a16
    Posts: 15Member
    Yesss! Book club :)
    Math Teacher in Kaohsiung
    FB: Little Bohah

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