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Upcoming Job Vacancy in Putzi, Chiayi County (near Beimen, Xinying of Tainan county)
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    Starting Mid-Late September there will be a English teaching job vacancy at a cram school in Putzi near the county government buildings (also close to the ocean, high speed rail station, Tainan, the soon-to-be-opened palace museum southern branch, and farmland bike rental)

    The boss is looking for full time or close to it, so this is not the position for someone looking to pick up a few hours on Wednesday

    The position offers visa sponsorship, but applicants must be dedicated to working there for at least 1 year

    Level of experience required is flexible, and salary is negotiable

    The level of the students vary from children that are quite young up to teenagers, with the average being late elementary-early middle school

    Putzi city is a quiet city (small city with all the amenities but no noise), for those deciding to relocate, however commute isn't bad from Chiayi city, Beimen or Xinying 

    Benefits of the job include nice boss and coworkers and students are more well behaved than some schools

    The teaching expectation is flexible (there is no rigid lesson agenda you must follow), teachers use the flagship book series to develop there own lesson plans (plans are provided in the teacher's books, but the same one just repeats for every lesson), which can be a combination of explicit instruction and communicative authentic exercises and games

    The quality of person the school prefers is someone is who is responsible and dedicated to fostering academic excellence but capable of being fun and lighthearted. We use a student-centered approach where the teacher teaches using it is the hope that everyone at that school become like a family

    The school only employs one foreign teacher at a time, so whoever is hired would not be competing for hours

    The school itself is well-kept and relatively new, most supplies you would need during class are provided, there are computers for printing out additional info, and projectors in the classrooms (using the internet appropriately during class is allowed), the classrooms are well climate-controlled

    Due to her commitment to getting someone full time and for an entire year--at least, the boss is not entirely turned off to the idea of hiring someone outside of the country, so if you had friends were looking to come to Taiwan the boss might consider it

    Please contact me if you are interested or know someone who is