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All Language Exchange Meetup (October 31st, 3pm-5pm)
  • FangXianShengFangXianSheng
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    Looking for a language exchange partner but not sure where to start?  Come join us for an All Language Exchange Meetup.
    Saturday October 31st from 3pm - 5pm @ InBetween International



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    Meetup Event Link

    The "All Language Exchange Meetup" is an opportunity for you to meet and mingle with people who can potentially become your language exchange partners. Unlike virtual information exchange, you will actually meet in person first, get to know each other through face to face interaction and have fun partying with everybody else! This is not limited to Chinese and English. Feel free to introduce or bring another language, the more the merrier.

    Entry is free, and we have snacks and drinks available for purchase on site!

    我們想舉辦語言交換聚會的目的很簡單,希望大家不需要只能從網路和公佈欄上找語言交換夥伴,而能自然見面聊天,知道彼此的興趣,在輕鬆的氣氛裡分享彼此的生活經驗,一次認識很多可能的語言交換夥伴和來自世界各地的新朋友! 不限中文和英文,歡迎大家樓上牽樓下,法文、西語、泰語、日文、韓語……想得到的語言都歡迎,希望大家都能找到自己想要交換學習的語言的同時也能拓展自己的世界觀和生活圈!

    Location: 高雄市苓雅區四維四路176號3樓之1, Kaohsiung, Taiwan 80247
    No. 176 SiWei 4th Road

    We run this meetup monthly (last Saturday of each month) and have had participant numbers ranging from 20-50.  The more people we can find the easier it will be to find a language exchange partner.

  • FangXianShengFangXianSheng
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    Bumping this for those newcomers to Kaohsiung or anyone who wants to find a language exchange partner.  This is the coming Saturday (8/29) from 2pm - 5pm.  Come join!
  • FangXianShengFangXianSheng
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    As a reminder this is tomorrow, Saturday August 29th from 2pm to 5pm.

    We will have a special small activity during the event to help my fellow foreigners to learn how to order tea in Taiwan. This especially hits home for me because it was one of the biggest changes when moving to Taiwan. The mass availability of endless flavors of tea is something I'll miss the most when I go.

    Eight years ago when I was first learning Chinese, my textbook was completely worthless. It focused on nothing but grammar and vocabulary. In fact learning how to ask for a bathroom was in Chapter 10. So basically the book wanted me to know the history of forming a sentence, but I should be required to use the international "I need to pee" dance for a few months till I can ask in a fully formed sentence.

    So when I learned how to order tea it looked like this:
    我要一杯茶。 Wo Yao Yi Bei Cha (I want a cup of tea)

    Which will get you nowhere fast. You will be bombarded by a million questions that aren't even grammatically structured.

    什麼茶? (What kind of tea?)
    甜度冰塊?(Amount of sugar and ice?)
    大杯少杯?(Large or small cup?)
    要珍珠嗎?(Do you want pearls?)

    If finally you spend hours learning the proper way to order tea it comes out looking like this...

    我要一杯大杯珍珠奶茶,甜度我要半糖, 冰塊要少冰 
    I want one large cup of pearl milk tea. I would like the sweetness of half sugar and less ice.

    In which case the clerk turns around and says:
    Large Pearl Milk, Half Sugar, Less Ice

    All that hard work and sentence forming to become 8 words. Just like in English, Chinese is rarely spoken in a grammatically perfect fashion. Come get the real local language and tips from Taiwanese at this Meetup. Hope to see you all there!

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    haha this is great :) 
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  • FangXianShengFangXianSheng
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    There is another language exchange meet up coming this Saturday, October 31st from 3-5pm.  I will edit the original post.  I hope to see more people there, we have had anywhere from 20 - 50 people come to this monthly free meetup.  The more people who join the easier it will be to find a language exchange partner but also we can make groups for multiple different languages, not just English and Chinese.  Come join us!
  • FangXianShengFangXianSheng
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    This is about to start.  You can join any time and it's totally free!
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    Hi is this group still meeting?