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Find language exchange (Mandarin/English) not Saliva exchange!!!妖魔鬼怪請繞道~LOL
  • ShelbyShelby
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    HI~I'm Yu-Shan, i'm looking for native language exchange partners and start practicing speaking. 

    I'm not a student and my job not need to use the English. I don't want to forget the language which i spent many years learning. 

    I'm learning new Chinese phonetic because I just can spell mandarin phonetic symbols. You can learn it with me ~ㄎㄎ

    Phonetic transcriptions of Chinese characters-Hanyu Pinyin

    國語注音符號與大陸漢語拼音對照表--The mandarin and chinese symbols phonetic comparison table(Bopomofo)
  • alexandra53190alexandra53190
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    I'd be up for meeting with you, although I don't have any experience with Mandarin. If you're willing to put up with that, message me :)