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Cost of Living in Pingtung
  • cbreriacbreria
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    I'm moving to Pingtung (as a first timer) in September. What's the cost of living (average) for a foreigner there? What is the average rental of a studio or a 1 bedroom apartment, suitable for a small family with kids under ages of 5?
    I am looking at renting near NPUST. Would appreciate if someone whom had experiences raising a small family to advice. THANKS!  
  • JaiyoismJaiyoism
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    Hi @cbreria,

    Here's a link to apartments for rent in Pingtung: http://rent.591.com.tw/house-rentSale-19-0-0-0-0.html ( google chrome can translate the pages for you )
    They range in prices of course, the link above is for Pingtung city. If you want to live in a newer apartment with sercurity than that would also be extra every month.
    I also have a child here who's 6 years old, if you need any help advice then feel free to message me,
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