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Decent and well-maintained scooters for sale-Ken's Scooter Leasing & Sales
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    Multiple scooters for sale & for rent from Ken's Scooter Leasing & Sales, our scooters are professionally maintained and regularly oil changed, satisfaction from our customers is the best advertisement for us. All of scooters have replaced engine and comprehensive check before being offered for sale. All comes with legal papers and transfer service. ARC or Taiwanese license required.
    Location: Kaohsiung, can be shipped to any part of Taiwan

    Model: Kymco Jockey 125 CCs between 2000-2004

    Model: Kymco G5 125 CC Year: 2007 (Black/White)
    Price: 40000

    Model: Kymco Racing 125 CC Year:2009 (Black)
    Price: 45000

    Model: KTR 150 CC Year :2009
    Price: 40000

    Self-service discount available.
    Please send Email for inquiry at softwind0420@gmail.com

    540 x 960 - 59K
    540 x 960 - 61K
    540 x 960 - 39K
    11777998_1131320656885092_1943979665_n (1).jpg
    540 x 960 - 47K
    Ken's Scooter Leasing & Sales Inc.