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Urgent--need English teachers from UK
  • Whatever168Whatever168
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    Hi,we are a group of parents looking for English teachers from UK
    1.learning subject:phonic

    2teaching ages:a parent with 1-2 kid from 3-8 years old

    3.teaching experience:ideal teach phonic in UK for age 3-8.or you got to be experience teaching phonic in Taiwan or other Asian country

    4.hourly rate:$650+ depending on experience

    5. Teaching hours:if parents love you...we got lots parents would be more than happy to book your time

    6. Size of class:6 kids with 6 parents or 4 sets of 3-5 year old twins with 4 parents

    7.parents expectation:they just want kids have fun learning English and understand how to help kids to learn. we do not expect you to be babysitters.we want to learn and play and grow with our children. Contact me on line:peachysmummy168 or email cathyhsueh168@gmail.com

    8.teaching locations:we mainly based in culture center outdoor or indoor classroom near culture center.we have parents in fonshan and Nazi and zoying would like teachers to go there too
  • bigdaddybigdaddy
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    Hi there! My name is Anthony and I 've send you a message on your Line.