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Looking for Chinese language teacher
  • JobobagginsJobobaggins
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    Hi. I recently moved to Kaohsiung from the UK and I am working in one of the hospitals here. I would like to improve my reading and speaking skills (currently at intermediate level) as well as learning how to write (currently only know basic strokes and simple characters). I'm looking for lessons during the evenings only on weekdays. Many thanks. Joanna
  • kuyavictor8kuyavictor8
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    Hi Joanna,

     I am Victor, a Taiwanese, living in Kaohsiung. I can help you with your Chinese any time whenever you are
    available if you'd like to let me to. I currently do language exchange with some native English speakers.
     Here's my line ID : kuyavictor8
     E-mail address: kuyavictor8@yahoo.com.tw
     Please feel free to contact me. Many thanks. Victor


  • lizevanslizevans
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    Hi. Joanna.
    I am a chinese teacher and I have experience in teaching foreigners chinese before in uk.
    But I usually ask students to take class in my studio.
    its close to arena station.

    I also teach Chinese calligraphy if that's something you would be interested in.
    pls email to lizevans96@gmail.com if you are still looking for a teacher

  • cfpaocfpao
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    Hello Joanna

    My name is Jackie, a 35 years old female living in Kaohsiung.  I like British culture and has ever spent 2 years study in Newcastle UK. I am looking for a language exchange partner, I presume we could work together to be better.

    Please be free to contact me via email cfpao.1979@gmail.com if you are interested in.

    Best regards
  • JobobagginsJobobaggins
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    Thx for all your kind messages. I recently discovered that the TLI is very close to where I live so would like to try there first.
    Many thanks,
  • cfpaocfpao
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    Hello Joanna

    Thanks for the informing.
    Looking forward to a chance to be your friend in the nearly future.

    Have a nice day!
  • winnzhenwinnzhen
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    I am a Junior high school teacher. I have nearly 15 years experience in After School and over 5 years experience in Junior high school. Teaching Chinese、Writing and Literature.

    I will provide 1hr Demonstrate for free.

    Advisory Detail:+886 922 835 651  Teacher Robert