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    hi, dear all

    my name is Ken who is living in Kaohsiung and wants to enhance my English ability.

    I've graduated from Coventry University and hope to keep learning and improving my English speaking ability. 

    Actually, I have few friends who had ever study aboard, like in Canada, England or the State. 

    All of us have understood it is hard to enhance the speaking ability without in a proper learning environment, 

    thus, we are going to make a study group that discuss different culture and share life experience by speaking English ONLY.

    The time could be 2 hours and once a week. 

    If you are a native English speaker and has great interest in learning Mandarin and Taiwanese culture, it is the best time to join our study group.  

    It is not only improve the language ability but also make friends who come from different background. 

    Here is my connection: 0960775666
                my line account: miujo520

    Please do not feel hesitate to connect to me if you have interest in our study group.