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Looking for a language exchange: Korean/Mandarin or Japanese/Mandarin
  • itsaocitsaoc
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    Hello everyone, 
    I'm Elsie:) I study in a language school and I can only speak English, Mandarin and a little bit German. 
    I want to learn some more this summer vacation, so I'm looking for someone who can teach me some simple Japanese or Korean. 
    It doesn't have to be so serious! I only want to know the phrase that I can use when I go traveling or meeting friends.
    Then, we can also be friends.  
    I can help you with Mandarin skill (pronounce correcting or just simply chat):D

    Please contact me if you would like to exchange language with me!!
  • manamana
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    hi Elsie, if you need help with Japanese, maybe my boyfriend can help. he is working in Japan.