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GONE...Free: Used Kitchen Appliances
  • mrgonemrgone
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    - Blender: stainless steel base with 1500cc glass jar, 2-speed, 500W. Perfect for smoothies
    More info at: http://tcpc.tatung.com/Home/ProductInfo?ProductId=1459

    GONE- Toaster Oven: 15-minute timer, 6-liter capacity, 600W. Could use a thorough scrubbing.

    - Wooden Mortar and Pestle: 5-inch diameter, 5-inch height. Perfect for som tam, sambal, or gado-gado. Not expensive, but not too easy to find locally.
    408 x 1024 - 18K
    768 x 1024 - 31K
    766 x 912 - 17K
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  • RumpelstilzchenRumpelstilzchen
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    Hi Mr. Gone,

    very interested in your mortar&pestle. Also interested in the blender. Pls. let me know, where to pick them up.


    The Rumpler.
  • mrgonemrgone
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    Cool - I'll send you a message.