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Looking for a Language Exchange - English/Chinese
  • charmercharmer
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    Hey guys, I just moved to Kaohsiung a couple weeks ago.

    I'm from Toronto, Canada and I'm interested in improving my Mandarin and meeting more local people in the area.

    I'm a native English speaker but I also speak Cantonese and a bit of Korean. I would love to meet people who are interested in improving their language skills and having a fun chat. I have a few years of teaching and tutoring experience so I can help you with your English or Cantonese as well ^^

    I already have a text book so just looking for someone to practice with and who can correct my pronunciation and grammar mistakes. 

    If anyone is interested please let me know. Thanks!
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  • pennypenny
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    Please email me:koala999@gmail.com, Penny .
  • kuyavictor8kuyavictor8
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    Hi There,

    I am Tiffany, interested in learning about new cultures and languages. I can help you with Chinese, we can learn toghter.
    I am quite easy going, please feel free to Contact me at : eodgirltiffy@gmail.com
    Thank you
  • Nick154Nick154
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    HI,I am living in white">Yong'an Dist. I am 32 years old, My job is a police officer.
    My office is in Yancheng Dist.I want to enhance conversation capability, because I would like to be assigned as a diplomat police.I like 
    Cantonese songs too and if I
    have a chance ,I would like to learn some Cantonese. 
    I hope I have a chance to be your partner.

    My mail = t122957621@gmail.com

  • ChiuChiu
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    Hi~ I am Chiu.
    Are you still looking for someone to do language exchange.
    I am 23 female Chinese native  speaker.
    charmer said:

    I had been in Calgary, Canada for 9 month before I came back to kaohsiung 2 weeks ago.

    charmer said:

    I know how to communicate well and get along with people from different countries.

    charmer said:

    I like to learn different language and culture, and I think you too.

    charmer said:

    So, if you are still finding patner,please contact me : Chiu800924@gmail.com

    charmer said:

    thanks a lot :)

  • RossiterRossiter
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    I am interested in language exchange too! I have been an English teacher in Korea, Hong Kong, Beijing, and Hangzhou these past 12 years. I am moving to Taiwan to study the PHD, but need to improve my elementary/low-intermediate level Chinese language skills rapidly in addition to the courses that NSYSU will supply. Of course making friends is great too. :-)