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English teaching position
  • laetitia0113laetitia0113
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    The local language school is looking for a full time English teacher for upcoming semester which starts the last week of August. 
    We offer teachers ARC and health insurance .

    The language school has been around for over 25 years and we are located in Lingya district.
    We have a group of teachers with a lot of passion and enthusiasm to teach the children the best English skill.
    If you are a native English speaker with 4 years degree with/without experience, please send your resume to "3302511@gmail.com.

  • drakedrake
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    I am interested, but could you please provide name of the school, hours and pay rate information.
  • koks04koks04
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    just native English speakers??
  • JaiyoismJaiyoism
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    To all employers:

    Please fill out this form when you post a job advertisement.  If you do not include all of the information, we may delete your post.  Thank you!



    Name of School/學校名字:


    Working hours/工作時段:

    Number of hours/


    Student age/學生的年齡:

    Job Description/學校要求:

    Benefits (ARC, Health Insurance, Worker's Compensation, or Other)/

    Contact information/聯絡方式:

    Start date/ 何時上班: - See more at: http://www.kaohsiungliving.org/discussion/5851/缺老師嗎從這裡開始-need-a-teacher-read-first#Item_3 
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