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4ft by 4ft by 6ft wooden shipping crate for sale. 4,000 ntd
  • LaydasLaydas
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    I have a IPPC (needed for crossing country borders) certified wooden shipping crate I brought to Kaohsiung with me from Canada.  It cost me $400 CAD in Canada and I have no use for such a large crate.  It is still in pretty good condition, and the way that it is built enables you to easily assemble and dismantle it to lay it flat for easier storage/moving around.  The built in pallet underneath has 1 broken 2x4 from shipping.  You would just need to nail on a new 2x4 with the IPPC heat stamp and it is shipping worthy.

    Sorry for the terrible photo quality but the humidity here wrecked my phone camera apparently.
    2448 x 3264 - 2M