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Looking for a room near NYSYU from September
  • FloraFlora
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    Hi everyone! I am moving to Kaohsiung in September for 12 months and I'm
    looking for a fully furnished room to rent, preferably not too far from
    NSYSU. It'd be great to have at least one Mandarin-speaking flatmate in order to practice the language. In return, I can offer help with
    English, French, German or Hungarian. My budget is around 5000.
  • JaiyoismJaiyoism
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    Connecting expats!
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  • RobbieJRobbieJ
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    Exiting New Rental Opportunities in the Lingya District Kaoshiung Taiwan.

    Rooms Includes Free wifi, Full Air-con, Clothes washing facilities as well as fully furnished with Fridge inside the rooms.

    The house is situated in the Heart of Kaoshiung close to MRT transport, shopping districts and night markets.
    The house itself has 2 showers, 3 toilets and 3 lounge areas as well as a fully functional kitchen with gas stove.

    Rental Period is 3 months+, 1 month deposit upfront but the rent itself is negotiable so please contact me with the details below for more info or to place an offer.

    LineID: eudoraskincare
    Dada Su
    Robert Jacobs

    Just copied and pasted my add on facebook. I can link you to the pictures as well if you like. 

    960 x 717 - 268K