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Seeking 2-3 BR near MRT
  • megqmegq
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    We are a family of five moving to KH in August. We want to rent an apt for 2-3 months while we look for something more permanent. Ideally a 3 BR, but a 2 BR is fine too. Most important thing is location: near an MRT stop (any of them). Ideally also near some green space. We're happy to pay in advance for the right place. Must be furnished, and have laundry facilities. Any leads much appreciated! 
  • LinYuJuLinYuJu
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    hello! Welcome to Kaohsiung! I have a 3 bedroom apartment still available for rent. It is a 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom, fully furnished apartment, with AC in all rooms and living room, laundry machine, dinning table, sofa, chairs. The location is literally right next to Central Park, and only 5 min walk to Central Park MRT station. 
    you can email me at  lulu.yujulin@gmail.com if interested! i can forward you some pictures of the apartment and give you some more details :) 
  • JJ2015JJ2015
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    Hi YuJu,
    Do you have 2 or 3 bedroom apartment near the Sizihwan mrt  available for rent from mid Sept 2015 to end Jan 2016, 2 bathroom, fully furnished, AC in all rooms and living rooms, laundry machine, desk and chairs.

    What is the charges we need to pay if you have provide us the apartment for rent

    Thank you
  • LinYuJuLinYuJu
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    Hello JJ2015,

    in Xiziwan station MRT you will find more studio rooms only, rarely apartment leases for a short term rental period. You'll have to consider more to downtown MRT City Council, Formosa, Central Park or Sanduo for more apartment leases. we currently have a 3 bedroom lease close to Central Park, landlord accepts short term 6 month rental, plus internet and cable tv is all included only 12000NT. i have just posted it on the forum you can have a look. 

    Service charge is 50% rent. take example of this 12000 nt apartment, then service charge will be 6000nt. One time charge only, no adding cost. Service goes from searching apartments for you, negotiating terms and prices, language communication assistance between you and the landlord, and also final contract signing, explaining to you what are all your legal rights in this contract. Furthermore, we give full detailed information about living in Kaohsiung, where to get grocery, where to eat, where to drink, where to play, where to go for night life and all the insights!

    Feel free to contact us for more information!

    Relocation Service Taiwan, Lin yuju
    +886 (0) 911 006 333