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Selling 125cc Yamaha Forte, 12000 OBO
  • rwilliamgrwilliamg
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    I'm selling this reliable scooter as I'll soon be leaving the country. It's available from May 18th but I want to find a buyer before then.

    It's taken me on many trips around Kaohsiung as well as to Kenting, Meinong, Tainan and Maolin. The year is 1996. Tire and brakes were recently replaced, and it's been well-maintained and general and is in good condition. It has papers which you would need to transfer into your name.

    E-mail me at richiegarton@googlemail.com if you want to arrange a viewing, I live in Fengshan district, near Dadong MRT station on the orange line.
    3200 x 2400 - 972K
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