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For Sale: 2002 SR150 Yamaha motorcycle. NT$18,000
  • jeffreyallen31jeffreyallen31
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    For Sale: 2002 SR150 Yamaha motorcycle.
    NT$18,000 — In Kaohsiung, Yancheng District near the Art District and Pier 2.

    Insurance and registration paid up to October 9th. Must have ARC to transfer title into your name. Good, solid, sturdy bike that gets you out of the city. Mountains, Kenting, East Coast, in town, it does it all. Atten: surfers, might be able to sweeten the deal a little bit if interested. Private Message for more details.


    4000 x 3000 - 4M
    3000 x 4000 - 3M
  • jeffreyallen31jeffreyallen31
    Posts: 8Member
    please email me at jeffreyallen31@gmail.com with "YAMAHA" in the subject line.

  • jeffreyallen31jeffreyallen31
    Posts: 8Member
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