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Cram school locations
  • rng1991rng1991
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    Hello all,
    I am looking to work as an english teacher at a buxiban, and I was wondering if someone could tell me where in the areas around the kaohsiung mrt system could I find large clusters of them. I have asked this question several times on several forums and for some reason nobody is answering me. Am I doing something wrong? Thank you very much.
  • JaiyoismJaiyoism
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         there's 1 locations that I can think of, link below.
    Most buxibans tend to cluster around big schools and being that Kaohsiung has only 2 MRT lines it kind of limits your possibilities.
    You might wanna consider getting a bicycle and looking around some of the big school areas. I can give you a list of them if you want? 

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