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English Exchange Desperately Wanted!
  • llamasophiallamasophia
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    Hi there.....again!

    I am Sophia, who just moved back to Kaohsiung recently after finishing my master in UK.
    I hope to find someone talking English with me and in exchange I can teach you Chinese and Taiwanese (which really helps you become more friendly here!). And actually I am considering studying in US next year, so I really need to brush up my English speaking to fight TOEFL the big monster !

    Contact me via email or line
    Email: sophia.98501065@gmail.com
    line: sophiahueilingchen
  • RossiterRossiter
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    I am interested in language exchange too! I have been an English teacher in Korea, Hong Kong, Beijing, and Hangzhou these past 12 years. I am moving to Taiwan to study the PHD, but need to improve my elementary/low-intermediate level Chinese language skills rapidly in addition to the courses that NSYSU will supply. Of course making friends is great too. :-)