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Parents of young children and play group
  • We are a Taiwanese/American couple with young children (3 & 18months) who have just moved to Kaohsiung for the year (2015) and are looking for a few like minded families to have social gathering/play dates. My husband doesn't speak mandarin so it would be particularly nice to find English speaking daddy friends for him. Does not have to be native English speaker as long as conversation is possible. I am a Montessorian, my husband studied law, and we are both avid readers. Just to give an idea of what topics we enjoy exploring: sensory play, positive phrasing, education, urban design, psychology, public affairs, science, anthropology ...etc. if you also have young children, and any of the above piques your interest, please do email me here : oddlyaware@gmail.com

    We do not mind disagreement on ideas, only that we all enjoy the inquiry. And no, we are not pointy headed folks either. It is impossible to be so in the presence of tiny Humans. Please just reach out if you enjoy being with your children.

    On a similar but different vein, I found some older threads mentioning playgroups. Are they still functioning? We will likely be sending our children to kindergarten but would also like to explore options available in Kaohsiung.
  • Just started a facebook group for parents in Kaohsiung. 

    Join us! : )