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Looking for chinese -> english language exchange
  • settledownlovesettledownlove
    Posts: 15Member
    Just looking for casual conversation, as I would like to improve my spoken Chinese, let me know if anyone is interested! :)
  • CrazyAlbertCrazyAlbert
    Posts: 2Member
    I'm interested in having language exchange with you.You can contact me by my email if you are interested
    Or line:albertweijen
  • MingLingMingLing
    Posts: 1Member

  • Nick154Nick154
    Posts: 9Member
    hi, i am chinese tercher , i want to learn english to go aborad 
    If you want to practice chinese ,you could line me
    my line id is t122957621
  • bettyhuangbettyhuang
    Posts: 2Member
    i m also interested ... have lived in UK for couple of years...should have many things in common  :)      drop me a line   cheers!!  betty x
  • AvaHuanAvaHuan
    Posts: 4Member
    I'm interested. This is my email: dm450350@hotmail.com

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