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looking for hiking friends ;-)
  • TaiwanesaTaiwanesa
    Posts: 16Member
    Anyone likes to go hiking? strong mind and legs
  • ctu223ctu223
    Posts: 1Member
    hi, I'm interested. You can add my line, cindytu0223
  • bloojsbloojs
    Posts: 16Member
    Most definitely. Count me in. My line ID is bloojs. Feel free to contact me about hike ideas anytime.
  • KaoJoe31KaoJoe31
    Posts: 1Member
    Hi, I like to go hiking, my line ID is a235111
  • TaiwanesaTaiwanesa
    Posts: 16Member
    couldn't find out LINE ID bloojs..others i added u into a LINE hiking group :-)
  • TaiwanesaTaiwanesa
    Posts: 16Member
    we will go hiking this sunday( Jan.18th, 2015), we will meet up at McDonald's at 9:00am, address as below:
    No. 636, Zhonghua Rd., Qishan Dist., Kaohsiung(高雄市旗山區中華路636號)
    Moonlight mountain(月光山)--Ling-shan(靈山)--Chi wei Shan(旗尾山)
    It might cost a whole day hiking, wanna join just meet up at McDonald's on Sunday
  • jeremyjeremy
    Posts: 6Member
    We are interested to join your group too.
    Our Line id is "jeremyandmadleen"
  • alexforeveralexforever
    Posts: 18Member
    I love hiking. I hike very often on 壽山 in Kaohsiung, and before I hike in many mountains around the world.
    Line id is wicked-alex.

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