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Any parents in KS, willing to meet/talk with me?
  • megqmegq
    Posts: 17Member
    Hi everyone,
    My family (ABC dad, white US American mom, 3 boys ages 11, 4, & 2) are thinking of moving from the US to Kaohsiung in fall 2015. I'm headed there to check out schools and the city in general in November. Anyone willing to meet up with me, or maybe just chat on the phone? I'll be in Taiwan 11/2-12/4, but in KS the second week of November. 
    Thanks in advance!
  • StacyStacy
    Posts: 15Member
    hey meg. I'm here. got a 2year old... Stacy.Jacques@Shaw.ca
  • megqmegq
    Posts: 17Member
    Thanks! Will PM you.
  • angelmae3995angelmae3995
    Posts: 7Member
    I've got an 8 month old, I am in Tainan now, but lived in KH for 5 years. I go to KH every so often, know it better than my home town.
  • MountainMountain
    Posts: 9Member

    I have lived here 13 years. I lived in Kaohsiung for 12 years but now live in Tainan. I would be glad to answer any questions or give advice. You can send me an email at moutaintsai78@yahoo.com.tw
  • megqmegq
    Posts: 17Member
    Thank you both! Mountain, my email to you gets returned. Is that email correct? - Meg
  • eclin1012eclin1012
    Posts: 2Member
    hi, i am native KH ppl, i have twins and they are nearly 2Y.  e-mail me if you have any questions, i could be happy to answer or give advice :)  my e-mail: eclin1012@hotmail.com
  • megqmegq
    Posts: 17Member
    Thanks! I will do that. I have a son teh same age!

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