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French girl willing to speak Chinese with the Taiwanese
  • AnoukAnouk
    Posts: 3Member

    I would like to improve my Chinese with a Taiwanese person. I am really motivated to improve my level and I speak french and english so I can help you if you need it. I would also be really pleased to meet some Taiwanese, cause I love your country and want to know all about KAohsiung.!!

    Thank you in advance and see you soon ;)
  • lizevanslizevans
    Posts: 60Member
    I am a French beginner. I can help you with chinese.if you are still looking for language exchange partner, pls email me at lizevans96@gmail.com.
    Thank u
  • LyngchLyngch
    Posts: 8Member

    I'm a professional Chinese mandarin teacher, Taiwanese is also my native language. I am actually looking for French lesson exchange. If you are interested write me plz to


    Have a good day!
  • KateTaiKateTai
    Posts: 3Member
    Hey Anouk,

    My friend's husband is from France and hes been teaching us French at a church. All the students in our class love learning/speaking french and would love to help you with your chinese after class. If you like to come and hang out with us, drop me a line at katetai526@gmail.com
  • doitsu232doitsu232
    Posts: 104Member
    hey guys,
    i started a new language cafe meetup group:

    join us if you are looking for language exchange events and other activities!

  • chicachica
    Posts: 2Member
    Salut Anouk 

    Are you still looking for languages exchange? I can help you to practice your Chinese
    I used to learn french with my friend, however I have stopped it for a while since friend left 
    so, basically,my french level is like zero 
    Feel free to drop me msg at cathy112525@gmail.com if you like.. 

    Merci et bon courage.
  • manamana
    Posts: 7Member
    i can help you with chinese, if you still need it.

  • kiwia7kiwia7
    Posts: 1Member
    I wonder if you've already found your partner?
    If not, here is my Line ID: syh1211

    Hope to hear from you soon!


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