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Looking for people to hang out
  • RobinhoodRobinhood
    Posts: 12Member
    Hey Guys,

    I've been living in Taiwan for a couple of years now, but I'm kind of new to the city,
    actually I moved here 6 month ago, but because of my thesis I didn't have time to
    hang out. It would be cool to meet some people. I like to do sports a lot, martial arts
    and parkour, but also frisbee and a bit of soccer. Sometimes I go to parks to work out.
    In my freetime I participate in movie shooting or coreographing action scenes.
    I can speak English and decent Chinese too, so language exchange is also possible.

  • jonquixotejonquixote
    Posts: 23Member
    Every Sunday on Cijin Island there's a bunch of locals and westerners that play Ultimate Frisbee: 
  • Ferchi01Ferchi01
    Posts: 3Member
    Hey, my name is Fernando and I've just arrive to Kaohsiung. I will be studying at NSYSU for a year and I dont speak Chinese language except for: hello, please and thanks. I propose you maybe to discover the city together. What 'bout that? Ferchi
  • jenjennynyjenjennyny
    Posts: 1Member
    Hello I've also been living in Kaohsiung for 3 years but still it's hard to someone I can really hang out with. 

    I'm an active girl and hmmm maybe a bit out of this world but very excited about meeting cool people.

  • yutinghuangyutinghuang
    Posts: 6Member
    hi I'm Stephanie. are you still looking for meet someone?
    you can sent email or facebook:(b1502639@hotmail.com)
  • ChiuailinChiuailin
    Posts: 2Member
    Hi! I'm here to meet new friends too, i live in Kaohsiung for 2 years, and I really lonely nowadays. :D My facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Unchch
    I would like to chat, drink coffee or beer. I have husband, who is a little jealous, so girls or couples would be better. :DD
  • sgilhamsgilham
    Posts: 1Member
    I have just arrived back in KH after spending some time back in the UK. I'm also looking to meet people to hang out with. Anything, really, beers, sports. Just something fun.
  • ChiaoWenChiaoWen
    Posts: 10Member
    Me! Me! No drinking though....
  • danitto_bonettodanitto_bonetto
    Posts: 35Member
    hey, I'm looking for ppl for hamgout too, hve some drinks. I'm new here and I'm just working.
    we can try organize a group and meet to hve some drinks in bar, beach, wherever
  • mishumishu
    Posts: 5Member
    Hi! My name is Michelle and I'd love to meet and hang out with new people! I just moved to Kaohsiung so exploring the city is also an option!
  • mh87mh87
    Posts: 4Member
    Has anyone organized anything yet?  Interested in throwing my name out there as well. 
  • mh87mh87
    Posts: 4Member
    OK, anyone interested in meeting up on Thursday or Friday pm me or reply in this thread.
  • bettyhuangbettyhuang
    Posts: 2Member
    i m interested...count me in please
  • mh87mh87
    Posts: 4Member
    Great! That makes three of us so far. Are you free ~1900 Friday?

    Inclined to have the meetup at one of the expat bars near Kaohsiung Arena, but open to other suggestions.
  • mh87mh87
    Posts: 4Member
    Looks like we have 4-5 people for Friday's meetup. Tentative time and location is Fosters on Wenzhong Rd. around 2100ish.
  • mishumishu
    Posts: 5Member
    Hey guys! I'm checking out Love River tonight if anyone has free time and is interested in joining me :) I'm thinking about getting there at 5 or 6 ish to get dinner and then explore. Let me know if you want to come!
  • jazzamaccajazzamacca
    Posts: 1Member
    Hey guys, I'm from New Zealand and here for about 6 weeks. Keen to meet some people. See some live music, play some gigs and explore...

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