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New to Taiwan
  • PandaTeemoPandaTeemo
    Posts: 3Member
    Hi! My boyfriend and I are new to Taiwan. We just moved here recently, but we're looking to meet new friends.
    We're from California. Even though we're American born Chinese, we cannot speak Chinese AT ALL. Sooo yeah it's been a little tough.
    Since we work all week, we only have free time in the weekend. We don't really know what to do here in Kaohsiung. Looking forward to meet you guys :)
  • paulbinpaulbin
    Posts: 32Member
    Where abouts are you guys living?
  • PandaTeemoPandaTeemo
    Posts: 3Member
    We are close to the mayor city office.
  • epc123epc123
    Posts: 9Member
    Where in California? My wife and I were living in Santa Monica before coming to Kaohsiung. 
  • PandaTeemoPandaTeemo
    Posts: 3Member
    :) Santa Monica is a nice area. We were living near Los Angeles area. How long have you been in Taiwan?
  • BrendanBrendan
    Posts: 10Member
    Well, on Sunday at 3pm a fair few people (foreign and local alike) will be meeting up a Qijin beach for some informal (half the people have never/can't play) ultimate frisbee. Come on out to meet some more folks if you're keen for an afternoon in the (hopefully) sun and surf.

  • YeshiYeshi
    Posts: 206Moderator
    I hope you're careful in Qijin- the last time I was there I stepped on a discarded needle!
    You have questions, we have answers!
  • smdollsmdoll
    Posts: 4Member
    Hey Panda,

    My boyfriend and I also just moved here and it would be nice to meet some new people! We work during the week too but we want to do some adventuring on the weekends, we think we are going to go for a hike on Monkey Mountain this weekend and maybe check out a few local pubs if you can to join us you are welcome to!!

    Let me know!
  • HotbabeeHotbabee
    Posts: 2Member
    Can i come with u guys!! Im also new here in kaohsiung! Let me know where i can meet u up during the weekends!
  • smdollsmdoll
    Posts: 4Member
    Hey, sorry I just saw your comment... If you want to meet up sometime this week or next weekend send me a message and maybe we can set something up!
  • thenewhordethenewhorde
    Posts: 2Member
    yea, i've in similar shoes as you, been living in kaohsiung for a year now.  would totally like to make some friends too, i'd be more than happy to hang out with you guys.

    i've just registered to this site so i'm not all that familiar, but if you're interested, my e-mail's thenewhorde@gmail.com
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  • ChiaoWenChiaoWen
    Posts: 10Member
    Hi, everyone, this is Chiao Wen. I'm from Kaohsiung, but I've been away for a long time. I just moved back here after 16 years living in Taipei. Looking forward to meeting new friends. Most my friends are in Taipei >< Hope to find some good friends here too ^^
  • nicepraynicepray
    Posts: 4Member
    My name is Kannika form Thailand. I would like to know local people in Kaohsiung. My e-mail address is aokannika@hotmail.com. We can be friend.

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