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Wife and I just moved here and are looking for expat hangouts/places to meet up
  • jonquixotejonquixote
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    We're from the united states and neither of us speak mandarin.  We'd love to be able to meet other people, hangout, learn some wisdom about living in the city, finding jobs, etc.  

    Thanks and looking forward to meeting you!
  • wilylibrarianwilylibrarian
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    Hi Jon! My husband and I just got here too, about a month ago now. We have found a lot of expats at New Life Church (http://newlife4kaohsiung.com/). We're actually starting a game night (my husband and I love board games) soon; if you'd be interested in that, just let me know! 

    Other than that, we haven't really found a place where expats hang out yet...but if you've seen SPR Coffee places around, they do have good coffee, and a great atmosphere! :) What MRT station are you near? 
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  • jonquixotejonquixote
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    Hey Wily!  We're just leaving for Bilingual Community Church in Sanmin (our first service since arriving Friday), though New Life is just down the road from us (we're a three minute walk from Zuoying MRT at the moment).  But yes!  We'd love to be kept updated on games or what not.   

    Haven't spotted any SPR's yet, but if you guys are game to grab coffee sometime soon, let us know and we'd love to meet you both!  At the moment we don't have a phone (still working on that) but can be reached at jonathanstutte@gmail.com.
  • MandyYuTwMandyYuTw
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    I'm so curious what kinds of job do you and your wife are looking for.^^?
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