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  • JakeBakeJakeBake
    Posts: 5Member
    New to Taiwan and Kaohsiung and I've noticed that there doesn't appear to be many other foreign people here! I feel a bit alienated; it would be nice to make some new friends for drinks/chat!
  • RaymonRaymon
    Posts: 489Member, Moderator

    Check out this post.. they come together weekly / often...

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  • RestlessHeartRestlessHeart
    Posts: 373Moderator

    Hi Jake,

    Check out the "About" and "Photos" tabs on our Facebook group for all the info about our weekly improv / dinner meetup.

    Here's the link:

    Feel free to post any questions on the group wall. It's a great group of people.

    Good luck in your seach!

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  • TonyDTonyD
    Posts: 16Member
    Just got here myself. I'd be down to have a few beers or something if anyone wants to get together. 
  • JakeBakeJakeBake
    Posts: 5Member
    I'd be up for that! Let me know when/where and I'll be there :)

    Thanks for the links to the improv group! I will probably attend next Sunday (unable to this Sunday due to other commitments ><)
  • thenewhordethenewhorde
    Posts: 2Member
    I'm new to this site, but I'm totally up for a get together.  Been living here for a year now, still haven't got to know many people around yet.

    Not sure how this site work in regards to messaging and such, so I'll leave my e-mail here if anyone's up for a get together.  thenewhorde@gmail.com
  • MNdaveMNdave
    Posts: 43Member
    yes, anyone who wants can contact me on the weekend and hang out,  I have been here for 7 months and just now am starting to meet cool people .  If you want you can come and hang out with me and some of my friends. 
  • DundyDundy
    Posts: 6Member
    check out the couchsuring.org group in Khaosiung.  they get together every wednesday at a quirky resto-bar near MRT Central Station. 
  • amandapandaamandapanda
    Posts: 1Member
    Hey there,
    I just moved here a few days ago to teach English and I'm interested in meeting some cool people for drinks and exploring. My email is amandaeiashburn@gmail.com. If anyone is interested. :)
  • MNdaveMNdave
    Posts: 43Member
    Sunday cinijin island beach we play ultimate Frisbee.  check it out, it's a cool group.
  • jonquixotejonquixote
    Posts: 23Member
    There's a group that plays american flag football at Wenzhou University on Saturdays (and sometimes soccer/international football). 

  • XianEverXianEver
    Posts: 2Member
    hi new here at kaohsiung hope to find new friends here thatwill teach me to speak chinese =)
  • chelseaintwchelseaintw
    Posts: 4Member
    Hi there, I'm new to Kaohsiung, but a chinese native speaker. If you like, i'm happy to help with your chinese. 

    Anyone who is interested in Language exchange or just hang out for drinks, welcome to email me to chelseainau@gmail.com

    Cheers. :D
  • PeterTheLionPeterTheLion
    Posts: 14Member
    looking to hang out tonight, anyone interested?

    email me at 

  • jellyjelly
    Posts: 1Member
    Hi, I am sorta new to the city and am looking for people to hang out. Recently moved back to Kaohsiung from Canada. Wondering whether there are any cool pubs in the city that we can all meet up.
  • ChiaoWenChiaoWen
    Posts: 10Member
    New friends wanted!!!! :-)
  • ChiuailinChiuailin
    Posts: 2Member
    Here too. :) Im searching a bff :D

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