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Artist needed
  • JonYounghusbandJonYounghusband
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    Im currently trying to start my own business teaching music privately.

    I need an artist to help me put a business card together, I already have a design in mind, I just cant draw....

    If you wouldn't mind helping me please let me know. 

    Thank you
  • RaymonRaymon
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    does this need to be free of charge or?

    If you have a limited budget I might know someone...

  • RestlessHeartRestlessHeart
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    I certainly have basic photoshop skills and a keen eye for design if you need a hand putting the art and the text altogether on a card or otherwise some fresh eyes to offer feedback on a design! I also know a great spot that can create 500 one sided business cards for $100 on Jiangong Rd.

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  • cstcst
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    Still looking for an artist? I may be able to help you out. www.storiesbystrauss.com